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      11                     12
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1.Performed "When the Ship Comes In" and others at the Freedom March in Washington just before MLK spoke.
4.Resulted in many African American citizens eating at the same Woolworth lunch counters as white citizens.
6.Youngest man to receive Nobel Peace Prize
9.It is unlawful for an employer to fail or refuse to hire or to discharge any individual because of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.
11.Arrested because tired of giving in.
13.Arrest triggered the Montgomery Bus Boycott.
14.Traveled to the Deep South to challenge the region's Jim Crow laws.
15.Appointed Thurgood Marshall as first African American Supreme Court Justice
16.Forced the Washington Redskins to employ African American players.
19.Segregation of public schools violates the Equal Protection Clause 14th Ammendment
20.Formed the Commission on Equal Employment Opportunity
21.resulted in the integration of this city's bus system.
23.Marquette Frye arrested for drunk driving.
24.President Eisenhower sent in units of the US Army's 101st Airborne to escort students to class.
26.Tried to block two black students from enrolling in the University of Alabama.
27.The National Guard was called to prevent these students from entering the integrated school.
28.Created the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
1.Supreme Court ordered integration of public schools in Topeka, Kansas.
2.Called for a national boycott of California grape growers because of poor conditions and low pay for workers.
3.Violent reaction to urban unrest including police abuse, lack of affordable housing, economic inequality, black militancy.
5.Formed the National Farm Workers Association which became the United Farm Workers
7.Followers marched in support of jobs and freedom for African Americans.
8.Outlawed literacy tests and poll taxes as determining one's being fit to vote.
10.Civil Rights organizatons including CORE and SNCC ttempted to register as many African American voters in the state of Mississippi.
12.His civil rights activities made him the target of violence, including bombing of his home.
15.Signed the 1965 Voting Rights Act
17.Helped the Congress on Racial Equality to organize its Freedom Rides
18.Led by Cesar Chavez and the National Farm Workers Association
22.Appointed by LBJ, he was the first black Supreme Court Justice
25.President of SCLC in 1957

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