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MAP102 Chapter 5: The Skeletal System

1         2 3
  4   5  
  6                             7
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    36 37                

1.Bone in the neck to which the tongue is anchored.
6."cells of cartilage"
8.4-5 bones fused together.
11.Severe lack of bone density
13.membranous areas between the bones of a newborns skull
14.excess uric acid in the blood
15.If you put your hand on you hip, it is touching this bone
16.This bone helps protect the pituitary gland (2 words, no spaces)
18.Bone of the upper arm
20.Process of bone formation from either membranes or cartilage.
22.tiny cracks in the matrix of compact bone allowing osteocytes to reach out to eachother and to the central canal
23.Bone broken at an angle
24.creaking/grating sound heard during movement of an arthritic joint
26.Joint containing a capsule and fluid. ex: knee
27.Upper jaw bone
29.Bone broken through one side but not completely through the other side
32.One of the functions of the skeletal system
33.Fracture: Crack in the bone
34.cells that build bone tissue
35.Large, medial bone of the lower leg
36.upper portion of the sternum
38.Shaft of the long bone
1.One of the carpal bones.
2.immovable joints ex: tooth in its socket
3.Fingers and toes
4.bone infection that can reach the bone from the blood, surrounding tissues or trauma which exposes the bone to a pathogen.
5.Bone broken into three or more peices
6.Required for the small intestines to absorb calcium
7.Bones of the foot
9.Infection of the mastoid bone in the skull
10.Malignant bone tumors in people of any age
12.Spaces housing osteocytes in compact bone
17.Phosphate ions help the blood resist a pH change by acting as a _________.
19.Collar bone
21.Rough areas on a bone that serve as attachment points o muscles by tendons
25.Fibrous covering of the diaphysis
28.Type of arthritis, effecting any age, caused by an autoimmune disease
30.Smooth bone surfaces that articulate with another bone at a joint.
37.2nd cervical vertebra

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