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PSYA2 Stress

Mr Blakeley

Covers the entire AQA Psychology Stress topic

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3.Hypothalamic-_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - Adrenocortical Axis
5.A short-term stressor which kickstarts the fight or flight response
6.Those things in our everyday life which are a minor inconvenience - e.g. missing the bus
8.Devised and studied the idea of Hardiness
9.The type of stressor which sets of the HPA
12.The section of the adrenal gland which releases adrenaline
17.The fancy name we have for the fight or flight response
18.Drugs which work by enhancing the activity of GABA
19.Measured by Kiecolt-Glaser to investigate immune system functioning
21.Johansson claimed it was this rather than workload which would cause stress-related illness
1.Psychological method of stress management which concerns itself with how we perceive stressors
2.Researchers who studied the effect of personality type on the incidence of CHD
4.Researcher who believed we could overcome stressors easier if we simply perceived them differently and trained ourselves to cope better
7.Drugs which work by inhibiting the activity of adrenaline and noradrenaline in the body
10.The hormone which helps to turn stored energy into glucose - but also inhibits the immune system
11.Studied London-based civil servants for workload and job control
13.Those things in our everyday life which are like minor victories - e.g. like receiving a compliment
14.The hormone which helps to boost the body's efficiency to enact the fight or flight response
15.The section of the adrenal gland which is involved in HPA
16.Research method used by Kiecolt-Glaser
20.Condition which is heavily linked with stress - often studied in stress to suggest higher levels of stress

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