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Mr. Greaser

2         3                    
5 6     7              
      10         11
    13 14      

2.a system in which small farms were combined into huge state-run enterprises
7.member of a small ruling group that holds great power
9."restructuring" of the economy in the Soviet Union
10.industry that focuses on consumer goods such as clothing, shoes, and household products
12.industry such as machinery, mining equipment, and steel
14.title given to the emperors of Russia's past
16.global competition between the U.S. and the Soviet Union (1940-1990)
17.worker must take a job of lesser skills that he or she possesses
1."openess" in the Soviet Union that allowed people to speak freely
3.country whose government has strong control over the economy and society as a whole
4.transfer of ownership of businesses from government to individuals
5.action taken by a group to seize control of the government
6.order issued by the president of Russia that has the force of law
8.economy where the individuals make all the decisions
11.farm laborer who could be bought and sold with the land
13.person who receives payments from the government because to sick or old to work
15.economy where the government makes all the decisions

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