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PSYA3: Relationships

Mr Blakeley

All you need to know about the Relationships topic

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2.Relationships at this time of life are said to help achieve the goal of separation from parents
3.The sort of relationship more common in the West - when people get to choose their partners
4.When a female sleeps with another man who is not her partner
5.Believed our early relationships formed three integrated systems: attachment, caregiving and sexuality. Also worked with Hazan on the 'Love Quiz', to decide if there was a link between first attachments and later relationships
8.Suggested that we don't so much find similar people attractive, but rather that we find dissimilar people UNattractive
9.The idea that our first relationship will be similar to those found later in life
14.Type of study carried out by Simpson, who found a strong correlation between first attachment type and later romantic relationships
15.When women have extramarital affairs with stronger, more attractive men than their husbands, this is the name given to the man. Also used for the more accomplished horses whose services are sold at a high price
17.When a man is unsure as to whether or not he is the father of his child
19.The name given to cultures in which the group is prioritised over the individual
20.Developed the internal working model and was a key theorist in the field of childhood attachments
1.The idea that you form relationships with those who can meet your specific requirements
4.Your basic expectations from a relationship - based on previous relationships and those of your peers
6.The type of satisfaction generally lacking when a woman decides to engage in an extramarital affair
7.Key researcher in the difference between western and non-western relationships - focused on the differences between collectivist and individualist cultures
10.Found that we gain satisfaction not just from receiving rewards, but also from giving them - so we are attracted to people to whom we can offer something
11.When you brood on the problems within your relationship. Literally means 'within your mind'
12.The priority for men when choosing a female partner
13.The idea that you form close bonds with those who share personality traits and attitudes
16.The stage of relationship breakdown where you finally confront your partner and discuss your problems
18.When you consider the economics of your relationship, you form your perceived _ _ _ _ _ of inputs and outputs

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