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Life Cycles-Ecosystems

Mr. Wizard

metamorphosis egg pupa larva adult chrysalis ecosystem organism living non-living producer consumer decomposer foodchain foodweb photosynthesis

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1.the change of form that an insect goes through (different stages of development)
5.a form of life considered to be living; plants, animals, fungus, bacterias, etc.
9.an organism that uses organic waste as a food source, most insects.
10.an organism that feeds on other organisms in a food chain.
11.roundish reproductive body which is the beginning of the life cycle.
12.the hard shell constructed for the pupa stage.
15.any matter that does not breathe, grow, move, eat, sleep or reproduces.
2.the food-making process of plants, this also produces oxygen for breathing organisms.
3.an organism that serves as a source of food for another organism in a food chain.
4.a series of organisms interrelated in their feeding habits.(grass-bug-rabbit-coyote)
6.the sequences of food energy transfer from one organism to another in an ecosystem.
7.an insect within the chrysalis ready to undergo the transformation stage to an adult.
8.a system formed by the interaction of a community of organisms.
13.any life form that breathes, grows, moves, eats, sleeps and reproduces
14.the final stage of maturity; bigger size, has wings and can reproduce.
16.the wingless, eating stage which an insect experiences in preparation to the adult stage

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