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Spanish Vocabulary

Farah & Ji Soo

Figure out the missing words of the sentence in English first and then translate them into Spanish to fill in the puzzle.

2 3           4
  5             6
9             10          
11           12 13            
15 16                  
17     18           19
        20   21
  24         25        

3.Well _____ we could buy those too
5.It's cheaper __ ___ it online
9.Your _______ is too over sized for me
10.______ __? Where are the boots?
11.Without a ______, I'll freeze
13.This large ____ will keep you warm
16.She spent ___ _______ dollars
17.I actually ______ the red ones
23.____ help protect me from the sun
24.This cost __ ____, I can't buy it
25.Time for a ___ pair of shoes
1.I have __ ____ ___ a certain type of dress
2.My grey _____ are great for winter time
4.Warm, fuzzy, _____ are the best
6.Let's go to the _____ to shop
7.She's going __ ____ those for prom
8.This belt is too skinny for these _____
12.The _____ is too expensive
14.She went to the mall for a _____
15.These _______ have gotten smaller on my feet
18.Wearing too short of a _____ can be a dress code violation
19.He looks really proper in that ____
20._____ days are usually on Fridays
21.Hurry, ____ __!
22.Look at _____ scarves over there

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