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Technology in Use


Describing technical functions

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1.mechanism containing balls or rollers placed around a spinning componnet.
5.device with spinning blades
8.device which transforms electrical energy into rotary motion. (2 Words)
9.individual part of an assembly mechanism
10.signal transmission without a physical connection
12.closed band placed around two or more wheels, allowing one wheel to drive the others
13.rope made of many wires, usually metal.
14.base supporting a building or structure, usually made of concrete
15.another term for pulley
16.the resistance of an object to acceleration or deceleration due to its mass.
2.uses an electrically generated magnetic field
3.energy from sunlight converted into electrical energy. (2 Words)
4.wheels with cogs or teeth which mesh together to transfer drive from one wheel to the other.
6.system used to control a device or vechicle from a distance. (2 Words)
7.system of fibres or bars placed inside a material to strengthen it.
11.liquid used to reduce friction

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