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AP Euro - Age of Anxiety

Mr. Freeman

Crossword for Age of Anxiety, Ch. 28., McKay, A History of Western Society 8th ed. SPACES COUNT!

3                     4 5
  6 7                              
8                               9 10
13   14                                    
          15 16      
  17 18                                    
    20 21                                              
27                       28
    29 30     31  
32 33         34        
    36                               37                    

3.sought to re-create the religious intensity of the Reformation; religious truth is made to human beings only through God's grace as humans are imperfect and flawed
7.Dutch expressionist; painted "The Starry Night"
8.English author; wrote "1984," the concept of "Big Brother"
11."One began to believe in heaven because one believed in hell."
12.established by Britain's Parliament; major broadcasting network
14.German-Jewish physicist; theory of relativity
18.French impressionis; painted "Luncheon of the Boating Party"
21.Austrian philosopher; Wrote "Essay on Logical Philosophy"; "Of what one cannot speak, of that one must keep silent."
22.Danish philosopher; rejected formalistic religion; made a total religious commitment to a remote and majestic God
23.French Catholic; Catholicism and religious belief provided all hope, humanity, honesty and piety; denounced anti-Semitism
24.invented wireless communication in 1901
26.this concept rejected most of the concerns of traditional philosophy, from the existence of God to the meaning of happiness, as nonsense and hot air.
27.this art movement featured a fantastic world of wild dreams and complex symbols
35.this stripped officers of their authority and placed power in the hands of elected committees of common soldiers
36.French existentialist; human beings simply exist; "man is condemned to be free"
37.wrote "Ulysses," a parallel between an ordinary man wandering through the streets of Dublin and the adventures of Homer's Ulysses
38.Spanish artist; established cubism movement
39.American novelist; "The Sound and the Fury"; intense drama see through the eyes of an idiot
40.father of psychoanalysis; id, ego, superego
41.concept on the existence of man and giving meaning to life through one's actions; did not believe a supreme being had established humanity's fundemental nature and given life its meaning; many followers were atheists
42.concept that buildings, like, products, should be useful and functional
1.Polish physicist; pioneered research on radioactivity; first woman to win the Nobel Prize
2.German film maker; created "The Triumph of the Will," based on the Nazi rally at Nuremburg in 1934
4.a deliberately nonsensical art form of the interwar period
5.English actor; king of the silver screen in the 1920s; "Little Tramp"
6.formulated the "principle of uncertainty"
9.French philospher; claimed that immediate experience and intuition were just as important as rational and scientific thinking
10.French expressionist painter; his group was so extreme in its work that they were nicknamed les fauves, or the wild beasts
13.his novels such as "The Castle" and short stories portrayed helpless individuals crushed by imexplicably hostile forces
15.functionalist; "a house is a maching for living in"
16.method employed by writers to explore the psyche; internal monologue
17.German architect; the Bauhaus; combination of fine art with applied art with stress on functionalism
19.German philosopher; claimed that the West had overemphasized rationality and had stifled the passion that drove human activity and creativity; "God is dead."
20.French socialist; believed socialism would come to power through a great general strike of all working people which would shatter capitalist society
25.French impressionist; painted "Impression, Sunrise"
28.German physicist; originated quantum theory
29.father of nuclear physics; showed that the atom could be split
30.German author; "The Decline of the West"; evry culture experiences a life cycle of growth and decline
31.wrote "The Waste Land," depicting a a world of growing desolation
32.novelist; "Jacob's Room"
33.led the Chicago school of architects; skyscrapers
34.Russian composer; "Rite of Spring"

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