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1.Advertisements are an important part of the _____ used by companies to persuade us to buy their products.
4.On Halloween, we made our trick-or-treat rounds with a flashlight to _____ the way.
7.If you don't like Arlene, then you shouldn't be a _____ and pretend that you do.
11.The great ballplayer and civil rights leader Jackie Robinson was the _____ of both physical and moral strength.
13.My father showed me his trophy and _____ about his years as a star basketball player.
15.That vicious Hollywood reporter often _____ movie stars, forever damaging their public images.
17.Sidewalk litter is a sign of _____, showing that people don't care about a clean environment.
19.Write is to letter as tell is to _____.
22.Every morning Lin writes out her _____, jotting down what she needs to accomplish that day.
23.In London during World War II, bomb shelters provided _____ from air attacks.
24.The team's _____ was high--the players were in good spirits and thought they would win the game.
2.In the ring, the two boxers were _____, but in their private lives they were good friends.
3.Having insufficient evidence of his guilt, the jury had to _____ Mr. Melman of any wrongdoing.
5.When my brother and I argued, my mother remained _____; she didn't want to favor either of us.
6.Loaded gun is to danger as reckless driver is to _____.
8.Before his parents visit him, Don gives his apartment an _____ cleaning; he scrubs every surface.
9.Your statement isn't _____; it has nothing to do with our conversation.
10.On nights before running a marathon, Elsa will _____ herself by eating a large plate of pasta.
12.Ballet dancers sometimes break their toes when they land with too great an _____ after a leap.
14.Speech is to lecture as conversation is to _____.
16.Infection is to medicine as poison is to _____.
18.Carlos's personality is so _____ and unexciting that people tend not to notice him.
19.My _____ dog greets both strangers and old friends with a happy yip and energetic tail-wagging.
20.Leave is to arrive as wordy is to _____.
21.My father is so _____ about business deals that he has been tricked by cheaters more than once.

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