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Easter Vocabulary

1 2 3 4
6               7      
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        30       31    
34 35     36  

5.Easter hat
6.goddess of dawn and fertility
8.opposite of secular
10.occurs each year between March 22 and April 25
11.nail to a cross
12.Easter flower
15.egg or bunny
17.used by children to carry eggs
20.baby chicken
24.we will cross that ____________________ when we come to it
25.eggs beaten in a bowl and poured into a frying pan
26.eggs cooked without the shell in boiling water
27.one kind of Easter bread
29.to meet someone is to cross
30.retirement savings
32.Christians believe he was nailed to the cross
37.He he hides eggs for children
38.ability to reproduce
39.public marching in the street
1.an egg that is fried on one side and turned over on the other side very quickly
2.eggs poured into a pan with other ingedients like cheese, mushrooms, and onions
3.relaxed, unhurried
4.to look for eggs
7.eggs mixed with mayonnaise and seasoning and put back into whites
9.to change the colour
13.baby sheep
14.what you have in your bonnet if you are obsessed with something
15.honour the memory of someone
16.a set date (It never changes)
18.opposite of religious
19.eggs cooked in their shells in boiling water
21.nicest clothes
22.what you walk on when you are afraid of someone's behaviour
23.coming back to life after death
26.ancient word for not believing in one god
28.an egg that is fried on one side only
31.dyed or chocolate
33.parade car
34.eggs fried in a pan with butter
35.baby rabbit
36.many babies born to an animal at one time

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