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    6   7
8               9 10                  
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  14   15                  
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  22                   23            
    24       25
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32           33     34  
        35           36          

2.the repetition of an element to make a work seem active
5.These colors are green, orange and violet,
8.These lines DO slant, at an angle.
9.The arrangement of colors in a circular format.
13.Element that refers to how things feel or look as if they might feel.
15.involves a balance of unlike objects.
17.Arranging art elements so that no one part of the work overpowers or seems heavier than any other part.
18.The guidelines that govern the way artists organize the elements of art.
19.color plus black.
22.The manner in whihc the parts of a work relate to each other and the whole.
23.Refers to a two-dimensional decorative effect achieved through the repetition of colors, lines, shapes and textures.
24.A continuous mark made on some surface by a moving point.
27.art materials and tools.
28._______ balance occurs when elements are positioned around a central point.
30.Line ______ can be affected by the tool or medium used, as well as the artists hand.
32.Free-form or natural shapes.
35.The arrangement of the elements and principles to create a feeling of completeness.
36.Are flat and have only two dimensions: height and width
37.An element of art with three dimensions.
1.These lines express movement. Spirals and circles start with them.
3.These lines run parallel to the ground. They do not slant.
4.The principle concerned with making something stand out in a work of art.
6.A picture of the land.
7.These lines move straight up and down. They do not slant.
10.One shape covers part of another shape.
11.An ________ of art is a basic visual component an artist uses to create art.
12.is the brightness or dullness of a hue.
14.circle, triangle, rectangle, oval and a square are called ___________ shapes
16.combining elements to create a pleasing appearance.
20.A color's name
21.Is the principle used to create the look and feel of action.
23.red, yellow and blue are the ______colors.
25.combining elements with slight changes to increase visual interest.
26.These lines are made by combining diagonal lines that change direction.
29._____balance occurs when one half of a work mirrors or closely resembles the other half.
31.color plus white.
33.The element of art that is derived from reflected light.
34.Refers to the lightness or darkness of a color.

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