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Vocab List 4 Due 4-29-14


Civics Vocabulary

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1.Completely unrelated amendment added to a bill
4.A voting method in which those in favor say “Aye” and those against say “No”
5.Person appointed to vote in a presidential election for president or vice president
8.Power that congress has that is not stated explicitly in the Constitution
10.In Congress, when members stand to be counted for a vote
14.Resolution that is passed by both housed of Congress
17.A law that punishes a person accused of a crime without a trial or a fair hearing in court
21.Representative of an interest group who contacts lawmakers or other government officials directly to influence their policy making
23.Powers granted directly to the national government by the Constitution; another name for expressed powers
24.An organization of people with some common interest who try to influence government decisions
26.The work that a lawmaker does to help constituents with a problem
27.Power that the U.S. Congress has that is specifically listed in the Constitution
28.Duty Congress holds besides lawmaking
29.In both the House of Representatives and the Senate, the political party to which more than half the members belong
30.A population count taken by the Census Bureau
2.To accuse government officials of misconduct in office
3.President’s power to kill a bill, if Congress is not in session , by not signing it for 10 days
6.Voting method in the Senate in which members voice their votes in turn
7.The right of senators & representatives to send job-related mail without paying postage
9.A person from a legislators district
11.Court order that requires police to bring a prisoner to court to explain why that a person is being held
12.Years of service, which is used as a consideration for assigning committee members
13.Laws that would allow a person to be punished for an action that was not against the law when it was committed
15.The lower house of Congress, consisting of a different number of representatives from each stat depending on population
16.In both the House of Representatives and the Senate, the political party to which fewer than half the members belong
18.Government project that primarily benefits the home district or state
19.A tactic for defeating a bill in the Senate by talking until the bill’s sponsor withdraws it
20.A procedure used in the Senate to limit debate on a bill
22.Clause in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution that gives Congress the right to make all laws “necessary and proper” to carry out its expressed powers
25.An oddly shaped election district designed to increase the voting strength of a particular group

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