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Headways unit 3 Vocab

1 2
10 11                
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19   20                  
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4.a pauper
7.opposite of deep
11.to pick up quickly
12.to drop sharply and abruptly
13.the transparent piece of fabric a bride wears over her face when she gets married.
16.smaller than a canyon and has been worn by running water
17.the building was blown to ________________ by the explosion.
20.extremely light and soft or delicate
21.the wind __________(past tense) through the trees in the forest while we were hiking.
22.my homework was ___________ when my dog tried to eat it.
23.thousands of people ______________ the stadium for the concert
24.the family members at the funeral had a very __________ demeanor.
25.a cause of deep sadness
1.a small stream
2.we slept on the _________ of the mountain because it had a flat surface
3.the pieces of material at the end of a scarf are ____________.
5.a place to live
6.to go broke
8.synonym of churn or stir
9.synonym of heartless, hard or callous
10.could you ______ my shoulders?
12.her car __________ (past tense) off the bridge and into the icy water below
14.very interesting: able to capture and hold you attention
15.the broken parts of a vehicle or building that has been badly destroyed or damaged.
18.opposite of allowed
19.synonym of gleam, glimmer, flash
22.to drag or pull along behind.

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