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Aardwolf Crossword 1


* 1QP Reward for each correct answer * No sharing answers * Game ends 4/26/2014

1     2 3
  4 5         6 7
10 11   12     13 14            
16   17          
    18     19     20  
  22 23      
24             25                

1.Picu's twin brother
5.Cross between an ostrich and a man (Avian)
8.A dreamwalker's friend
11.Your reflection's preferred weapon
14.Citadel's prince of death
15.These cover Blood Silk, Collector of souls' body
16.Color of flycatcher bird's feathers
18.Lord of Sehlan's origins (not location)
24.Mistress of the Shadow Forge
25.Home of the Demon Clan
26.Room of portals location
27.Type of hoop sold in Child's Play
2.One of the greatest warriors among the enemies of the Nix rebels
3.A silver mob in nyne woods
4.Bloodletter of Sanguine
6.Home of Dsungaripterus
7.A guardian in castle Vlad
9.A belt sold in Foolish Promises
10.Something gelatinous in the gauntlet
12.Home of the doodlebug
13.A Pond Keeper's lunch
17.The good imm in SoH2 who loves the entire world
19.The ghost of a little girl, in Death's Manor
20.The ruler of the Empyrean sewers
21.Warrior Sword of the Far Country's origins
22.Best dresser in Ahner
23.A true believer's potion

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