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Inflammatory Response

Doc Martin

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  8 9                

4.these are destroyed in large numbers as they work, and dead cells gradually accumulate in the area
7.non specific defensive response to a tissue-damaging irritant
9.when tissues are injured, damaged cells release
10.mostly these adhere to the walls of capillaries
1.similar to basophils, but reside in the tissues
2.also released to attract WBC to the area
3.these secretions cause the epithelial cells in the capillary walls to contract
4.mixture of exudate, living and dead wbc's, pathogens and destroyed tissues
5.secreted by mast cells in addition to other substances thatpromote & prolong inflammatory response
6.this misture of leukobytes and fluid makes inflammatory
7.often irritation occurs from this
8.increased blood flow causes redness, swelling and this to the tissues

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