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WWI Crossword Study Guide

K. Howes

Puzzle to be used to study for WWI Test

1 2 3
4     5                
  7             8  
    11     12    
13                             14
16       17        
18                     19   20
    21         22
  23     24              
26                   27                  

5.word for spying
7.country in Triple Entente
9.One of the trench problems
13.Country in Triple Alliance
15.type of Warfare in WWI
17.country in Triple Alliance
18.Germanys plan to avoid a 2 front war
21.type of Warfare in WWI
24.Gas introduced during WWI
25.man's murder who sparked the war
26.note for Mexico to join the Central powers
1.treaty that ended the war
2.name for German submarine
3.leader of the United States during WWI
4.ship sunk by Germans
6.the statements, ideas used to persuade opinions
8.country in Triple Alliance
10.gas used in WW
11.Leader of France during the War
12.Country in Triple Entente
14.pride and devotion to ones country
16.Cause of typhus and trench fever
19.country in Triple Entente
20.shaped like a cigar; used in submarine warfare
22.country Germany invaded
23.where the Treaty of Versailles was signed
27.One industrialized vehicle introduced in the war

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