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4.If you make a report to the Hanesbrands Resource Line, you will receive an identification ________ so you can follow up on your concern.
5.We owe each other honesty, _______ and fair treatment.
7.Managers must be a ________________ for others.
10.You _______ promptly report concerns about possible violations of law, regulations, or the Global Code of Conduct.
11.Never ____________ against those who raise issues or concerns.
12.We are committed to providing a ______ and healthy workplace for our employees, as well as for contractors and visitors to our facilities.
1.Use the _________ Test to help determine what is right to do.
2.We all have the right to work in an environment that is free from intimidation, __________ and abuse.
3.You should not __________ an investigation with other who do not have a legitimate need to know.
6.Always obey the law and act in a professional, honest, and ________ manner when acting on behalf of the company.
8.Hanesbrands managers are expected to lead by ____________.
9.The second step in the Mirror Test is, “What will _________ think?”

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