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Cross Cultural and Other Negotiation

Stuart Gedal

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3.Hierarchy (bosses on top, managers in the middle, workers and technicians on the bottom).
8.Exercise on schedule and usually all together with your work-mates.
10.When supervisors and mid-level managers want changes, but top managers resist, those who want to make change have to manage it from the ____________.
12.This word may be used to express that there is a problem, but that the "problem" is an opportunity.
15.You want everyone to know that you are the best or that you have something that is new and beautiful.
17.A strategy to lead by learning about everything that is going on in your company and visiting all the work areas is called management by ______________ around.
18.Pay that is made according to the number of hours that you work.
19.A workers' organization that negotiates a contract (pay, vacation, work schedule, etc.) for all the workers in a business.
1.Complete surprise!
2.In American English, when you want someone to know all of your ideas, where do you put them? (3 words, no spaces, no hyphens)
4.Japanese managers do this in a circle.
5.William G. who wrote the book called THEORY Z
6.Best alternative to a negotiated agreement.
7.Following the rules of morality (Being kind, generous, helpful, etc.)
9.To speak for the members of a group.
11.Pay that is received 2x a month or monthly.
13.To change something a little bit; to adjust something
14.This word may mean the same as the word "complaint".
16.Columbus proved that the Earth is not ____________.

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