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Unit 12


Reading explorer 4 Lesson A and B

1 2
3             4 5
      10   11      
13       14                
      16 17              
  18               19  

3.considered to be holy and deserving respect, especially because of aconnection with a god
6.an ironic situation is one that is unusual or amusing because something strange happens or the opposite of what is expected happens or is true
8.the way a person or group of people live, including the place they live in, the things they own, the kind of job they do, and the activities they enjoy
10.to tell someone that they are not allowed to do something, or that something is not allowed
14.a system of government in which every citizen in the country can vote to elect its government officials
15.a special advantage that is given only to one person or group of people
16.to choose someone officially to do a particular job
18.able to exist, live together, or work successfully with something or someone else
1.a feeling of comfort when something frightening, worrying, or painful has ended or has not happened
2.only with great difficulty or effort
4.rules or instructions about the best way to do something
5.if business, trade, or a particular area is booming, it is increasing and being very successful
7.to come together in a single place or bring parts together in a single group
8.long life or the long time that something lasts
9.making you lose the confidence or determination you need to continue doing something
11.in, of, or like the countryside
12.very small in degree or amount, especially the smallest degree or amount possible
13.to use something fully and effectively
17.to rub or be rubbed away gradually; to destroy the surface gradually
19.lean meat does not have much fat on it

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