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The purpose of this exercise is for you to be able to observe and assess whether or not this facility complies with the ADA regulation, while experiencing how it feels to use a wheelchair. You will need to explore both the ground and 1st floor of this facility to complete this scavenger hunt. Follow the instructions as provided by the instructor and given on the clues below. Please start at your designated group area, which is marked next to your group number. As you complete the crossword puzzle, take time to explore your surroundings in your wheelchair. We will go over both the correct answers and any observations you made during your scavenger hunt.

3     4  

2.Begin the scavenger hunt starting from the classroom door. Go down to the OT room and explore and observe the SCENERY. Further instruction and answer will be provided at the end of the hallway.
3.The non-accessible restroom doorway is thirty_____ inches wide.
6.The door handles to the student study lounge, is a _____________ because it requires tight grasping and gripping to open the door, making it non-accessible to some individuals with disabilities.
7.Accessible lavatory sinks should have a 30 inch wide by 48 inch deep _______ space in front of them. (Hint:Clear/Blocked}
8.The accessible/handicapped bathroom is located on the ______floor.
10.True or False? Parking in a reserved handicapped parking space illegally, will result to a $250 fine for the first offense.
11.True or False? All signs posted in the hallways are placed at eye level for all individuals to read.
1.___________ rooms and spaces are legally required to have ADA Signs.
3.If a parking lot has 75 parking spaces, how many reserved accessible parking spaces should there be? HINT: Reference chart located on the back of the bench outside.
4.COUNT THEM UP! We have ______ accessible parking spaces in the back of our campus.
5.Enter the non-accessible restroom's accessible stall, and explore the amount of space you have to move around in it. The answer to this number is located on the bathroom mirror.
6.ADA provides signs with high contrast, tactile letters and _________ for optimal readability (Hint: If I cannot read with my eyes, I will have to read with my fingers).
9.SMOOTH OR BUMPY? Begin the scavenger hunt by going down the wheelchair ramp. Explore/observe how the pavement feels under your wheels. Fill-in the answer space with ramp. We will discuss your observation in class.

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