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World War II

Mr. Boucher

1 2 3
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4.The invasion of this nation started WWII.
6.The Hebrew word for Holocaust.
7.German laws which denied Jews of Civil Liberties & citizenship.
9.The deliberate mass murder of a particular group of people.
13.He was the Emperor of Japan during WWII.
14.The war-time Prime Minister of Great Britain.
16.The Japanese "framed" the Chinese for an attack on their railway iin this Chinese province.
17.Giving in to the demands of an aggressor.
18.American General who planned the D-Day invasion.
20.Hitler should have learned from this French leaders mistakes.
23.Hitler and Stalin signed this type of pact (agreement).
24.These problems following WWI helped the rise of Fascism in Europe.
25.The largest German Concentration Camp.
29.The first Japanese city to be victim of the atomic bomb.
30.The second Atomic bomb was dropped here.
31.The Chief prosecuter at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial.
1.The American General who recaptured the Pacific by "island hopping."
2.Stalin was short on Generals due to these activities in the 1930s.
3.The French defensive system that was worthless in WWII.
5.Il Duce was the name given to this Italian leader.
8.Japan invaded lands in Asia to gain __________.
10.The "Big Three" met here to discuss post war plans.
11.In this type of state, the government aims to control the political, social, andeconomic life of its citizens.
12.The German Army took a huge defeat at this Soviet city.
14.This British P.M of Britain "trusted" Hitler.
15.This area of Czechoslovakia was given to Hitler at the Munich Conference.
19.June 6, 1944 (D-Day) marked the invasion of this place in France.
21.Lightning War by the Germans.
22.German tank commander known as "the desert fox."
26.The "rape" of this Chinese city showed the cruelty of Japnese militarism.
27.A "miracle" saved 100,000 + British and French troops from this French port.
28.This man became U.S. President after Roosevelt's death and decided to use the "A" bomb.

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