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Access Vocabulary


Use Access Vocabulary to complete the crossword.

1         2 3 4     5    
  10                             11  
14               15   16  
18 19                                
23                             24 25      

1.to set a field so that it always remains on screen, in the left-most position, as you scroll
4.a series of dialog boxes that guide you step by step through a process
7.a database that contains multiple tables with relationships between them
9.an organized collection of information about a subject
10.a view in which you can add, edit, and delete fields from a table, to change field types, and descriptions, set a primary key, and more
14.a database that contains formatting, styles, and sample text that you can use to create new databases
17.a specification that describes how a set of records should be sorted, filtered, or presented
19.characterisitics of a field
21.the stored information about one particular instance, such as one person's data in an address book
22.piece of data stored about each record in a table
23.a field for which each record must contain an entry
24.a view of a table or query's data, designed for lookup records
26.the top block in a vertical column on a datasheet, containing the field name
27.a suffix at the end of a file name that indicated its type
28.two or more fields that collectively define the primary key by unique combinations of their value
2.to add protection to a file so others cannot read it
3.an optional brief comment or explanation of a field
5.to add to the end
6.a field that can contain more than one seperate entry per record
8.to order copies of a multipage document so that complete sets are together
11.a mode in which only one user at a time can work with a file
12.alternate text that appears instead of a field's actual name in datasheets, forms, and reports
13.a collection of records that share the same fields
15.a printable layout of the data from a table or query
16.in table deisgn view, the gray rectangle to the left of the field name
18.the field that uniquely identifies each record in a table
20.a field for which each record must contain a unique entry
25.an item in an access database such as a table, query, form, or report

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