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Life of Pi, Part One

By: Michael Emanuel

2 3       4 5 6
7     8               9
  10       11      
12         13              
14       15    
16       17         18            
19         20 21            
22     23  
  24             25   26 27
          28 29 30          

3.Month Pi and his family left India
7.Ratio of a circle's circumference to its radius
8.Name of Pi's father
11.Pi's four year old daughter
12.Last name of Pi's atheist biology teacher
13.Pi's nickname for his swim instructor
16.Animal Pi's father feeds to tiger to show how dangerous tigers are
17.Profession of Pi's Islamic instructor
18.The sport that Pi's brother plays
19.Name for dominant male in a group of animals
21.Ravi's brother jokes with Pi, saying if Pi practices this religion, Pi will "only need to convert to three more religions to be on holiday for the rest of your life."
24.Scientists came from ___________ to inspect the animals Mr. Patel wished to sell before leaving India
30.Name for a Hindu teacher and scholar
31.Father _______ is the name of Pi's Catholic priest
32.Place of Islamic worship
33.Muslim prophet
34.Circus animal that Pi uses to show how a human trainer can become the dominant male
35.Pi's home town
36.Animal Pi studied in college
1.Last name of Pi's Islamic instructor
2.Nickname of Pi's son who plays baseball
4.According to Pi, animals do not want to _________ from zoos
5.Pi's middle name
6.Pi's full first name
9.Pi's brother
10.Name for animal who needs to work with dominant male in a group of animals
14.Pi's last name
15.Name of the friend that Pi misses
17.Social class a Hindu priest must be from (not in book)
20.Boat Pi takes to Canada
22.Catholic prophet who died out of his love for others; he was resurrected for his sacrifice
23.Country where Pi lives now
25.Sport Pi learned as youth that helped him survive in the ocean
26.Pi's home country
27.Name of Pi's mother
28.Religion Pi grew up with
29.Place of Christian worship
31.Country where Pi was treated for his ailments

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