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Chapter 44b

1 2 3 4
5                     6                  

5.country that is becoming industrialized (2 Words)
9.favorable life history strategy under certain environmental conditions (2 Words)
13.the pattern of dispersal of individuals living within a certain area (2 Words)
14.population increase that results in an S-shaped curve (2 Words)
15.abiotic and biotic components of an environment that support or are needed by living organisms
1.condition of having a single reproductive effort in a lifetime
2.no growth in population size (3 Words)
3.population in which each person is replaced by only one child (2 Words)
4.country that is industrialized (2 Words)
6.he number of individuals per unit area or volume living in a particular habitat (2 Words)
7.growth rate dependent on the number of individuals that are born each year and the number of individuals that die each year (4 Words)
8.resource or environmental condition that restricts the abundance and distribution of an organism (2 Words)
10.interaction in which one organism uses another as a food source
11.group of organisms of the same species occupying a certain area and sharing a common gene pool
12.probability of newborn individuals of a cohort surviving to particular ages

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