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Culture Vocabulary

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5.when a pidgin language becomes the native language of a group, and develops in complexity.
6.ocus on tradtional values, community tied, slow changing.
7.the adaption of specific elements of one culture by a different culture group.
9.the phenomenon of merging and converging two cultures.
11.a region with one relitively human activity or complex of activities.
18.an area inhabitied by people who have similar culture traits.
21.a form of diffusion in which an idea or innovation spreads by passing first among the most connected places or people.
25.human behavior is controlled by the physical environment.
26.manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.
27.ocus more on the individual, fast changing pace with more diversity.
28.the process through which something (goods, ideas, names, etc.) that are not regarded as an object to be sold or bought becomes an item that can be bought , sold, or traded in the world market.
29.when two language groups come together and form a new language based on the two groups.
30.region defined by a particular set of activities or interactions that occur within it.
1.a language that spreads over a wide area where it isn’t the mother tongue. For communication and commerce.
2.the loss of uniqueness of a place in the cultural landscape.
3.a region that only exists as a conceptualization or an idea.
4.belief people are the primary architects of culture.
7.trait is rejected. Try to maintain current culture.
8.process through which people lose originality and culture traits when they come in contact with other cultures.
10.a social group of people who identify with each other based on common ancestral, social, cultural, or national experience.
12.cultures meet and collide.
13.toponym that derives from physical features.
14.visible imprint of human activity and culture in a landscape.
15.toponym used to describe or associate a place.
16.a cultural trait that spreads typically from a hearth where nearly all adjacent individuals are affected.
17.When people move and take their cultures with them
19.when a pidgin language becomes the native language of a group and develops in complexity.
20.culture change that results from continuous, firsthand contact between two distinct culture groups.
22.the process of conducting business to both global and local considerations.
23.the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.
24.the strict separation of a religion from institutions.

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