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April Pub Quiz

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1.Spending roughly US$527 per capita, which countryʼs people spend the most money on pornography?
4.Released in 1984, what was the first video game to be exported from the USSR to the Western market?
5.What brand of condom is named after an Egyptian Pharaoh?
7.In 1984, a pyrotechnic accident set Michael Jacksonʼs hair on fire while filming a commercial for which company?
11.During which war did the famous ʻCharge of the Light Brigadeʼoccur?
12.Of the eight Martin Scorsese films that have starred Robert De Niro, which was the first?
13.What book was used by William the Conqueror to inventory his new kingdom of England?
14.In Miltonʼs Paradise Lost, what is the capital city of Hell?
15.What is the largest country through which the equator passes?
16.What professional golfer is nicknamed, ʻThe Golden Bearʼ?
18.On April 16, in 1746, the forces of Bonnie Prince Charlie lost what would be the last pitched battle fought on British soil. Name the battle.
19.Who founded Mormonism?
22.Appearing in 17 of the 23 films, what actor appeared in the most James Bond films?
23.What kind of wood are cricket bats traditionally made of?
1.What Hollywood action star released his own line of cologne called ʻScent of Actionʼ?
2.In 1983, what band released the song ʼ99 Luftballonsʼ, better known in English as ʼ99 Red Balloonsʼ?
3.What Russian political newspaper, translated as ʻtruthʼ, was once well known as the official voice of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union?
6.Al Pacinoʼs name, Al, is short for what?
7.Following a visit in 1749, what European city did Voltaire describe as “dark, cramped, hideous, something from the time of the most shameful barbarism”?
8.Who is the only actor to appear in at least one film in the James Bond, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars series?
9.The song, Banana Boat, more commonly known as ʻDay-Oʼ, was originally performed by which singer?
10.According to Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard, who was the dictator of the ʻGalactic Confederacyʼ, roughly 75 million years ago?
17.Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus is better known as what?
20.What famous US military facility is located at Groom Lake, Nevada?
21.In what professional sport have beards been banned?

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