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Literary Terms

Patrice Murphy

AP English literary terms

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1.sentence pattern
5.use of harsh, discordant sounds
9.synonym of voice
10.sentence of 5 words or less
12.My stick fingers click with a snicker.
16.situation and POV of a literary work
17.inset in the course asphalt
20.And the white rose weeps, "She is late."
21.the way a literary work is set up
22.Petrarchan sonnet
23.author's choice of words
24.lyric poem idealizing rural life
27.Love is my sin.
30.what the author chooses to tell the reader
31.Tom Sawyer, he hunted me up and said he was going to start a band of robbers, and I might join if I would go back to the widow and be respectable.
33.Late at night, it got so frigid that all spoken words froze solid before they could be heard.
35.another word for cacophony
36.The stars danced, and under that was I born.
37.Busy old fool, unruly Sun, / Why doest thou bother us?
38.except the rising of boiling bubbles
39.verse line with punctuation at the end
40.deafening silence
41.verse line that continues to next line without punctuation
2.continuous repetition of a word
3.light mocking meant to be humorous
4.lyric poem in honor of someone who is dead
6.long, elaborate poem about a serious subject
7.nasty mocking writing meant to attack
8.He can tell you all the perpendiculars.
11.Did Icarus know? / Did he care?
13.Santa Claus's helpers are subordinate clauses
14.He folded it, and carried it, and packed it, and came back again.
15.Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears.
16.another word for figurative language
18.hyperbole, metaphor, simile, irony, etc.
19.Shakespearean sonnet
25.They are as like as two eggs.
26.another word for metonymy
28.use of ear-pleasing sounds
29.making something appear less than it is
32.punctuation in the middle of the line
34.He folded it, carried it, packed it, came back again.
36.writing in the style of ordinary speech

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