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Terms of the 50's

Ashley Scott

Names,terms, and events of the 1950's.

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4.the practice of causing or allowing a situation to become extremely dangerous in order to get the results that you want
5.the name of the first satellite launched into space that belong to Russia
7.leader of China that brought communism
8.in 1955 the Soviet Union formed its own military alliance
10.former communist spy accused of lying about passing documents to the Soviet Union
1.head of the Soviet Communist Party, he publicly criticized Stalin, his predecessor, for committed crimes against the Soviet people
2.a writer who published "On the Road" in 1957
3.rows of standardized homes built on treeless lots
6.president Truman's first meeting with Stalin and Churchill at the final conference of The Big Three at Potsdam, Germany in July 1945 to talk about the free election of Poland
9.the North Atlantic Treaty Organization that was created when ten western European nations joined with the United States and Canada on April 4, 1949 to form a defensive military alliance

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