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Poetic Meter

Patrice Murphy

AP Terms

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1.foot=unstressed stressed
4.a syllable that is emphasized when a word is spoken
6.basic unit of a poem's meter; combination of stressed and unstressed syllables.
9.8 line stanza
14.two verse lines in a row that are written in iambic pentameter and rhyme
15.3 feet per line
17.another term for an octave
19.rhyme within a line of poetry
21.5 feet
22.4 feet per line
24.another term for free verse
27.a play written in poetic lines
28.when words do not exactly rhyme
29.composed of varying line lengths with little or no rhyme
2.the verse line of a sonnet; 5 feet ending in a stressed syllable
3.still another word for slant rhyme
5.sorting out the meter of a verse line
7.foot=stressed unstressed
8.rising and falling of the voice when reading a literary piece or the momentary changes in rhythm and pitch.
10.yet another word for slant rhyme
11.14 line poem in a particular meter and rhyme
12.4 line stanza
13.verse lines written in iambic pentameter that do not rhyme
16.two verse lines in a row that rhyme
18.a syllable that is not emphasized when a word is spoken
20.group of lines forming the basic recurring metrical unit in a poem
23.6 line stanza
25.another word for slant rhyme
26.rhythm established by a poem

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