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Vocabulary and Idioms 2 Final Exam Review

Chapters 1-8

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1.to repeat someone's words exactly (v.)
4.ANT: to shine, be bright (v.)
6.I show my opinions and feelings through this (n.)
9.a period of time (n.)
10.to start something (v.)
13.someone who gives advice (n.)
16.The _______ was too small for a car to fit through.
17.It is difficult for me to ________ when there is music playing. I can't get any homework done.
23.SYN: extra (n.)
24.Blackboard helps to _______ grades for classes.
25.SYN: small amount (adj.)
2.easy to see (adj.)
3.review and correct (v.)
5.We would love to _______ our vacation, but we have to go back to work.
6.able to be used (adj.)
7.SYN: information (n.)
8.Passing Vocabulary and Idioms 2 will be a _______ because I did not attend the classes and failed the quizzes.
11.Do you have a _______ for a new house design?
12.to concentrate on something (n.)
14.I was _______ by the lack of focus the students had during finals week.
15.to recognize (v.)
18.The road was _______ dangerous because of the snow and ice.
19.The young prince was _______ as king after the king died.
20.a legal process (n.)
21.a situation or problem (n.)
22.to pull (v.)

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