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Chapter 8 - Electrical Fundamentals

Mr. Thomas

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5.A (n) ___ is an "electronic check valve" that allows current to flow in only one direction.
6.A (n) _______ basically consists of small particles called protons, neutrons, and electrons.
7.Positively charged part of in the center of an atom.
9.__-__ solder should be used on all electrical repairs.
11.___ ___ states that current flows from positive to negative.
15.A (n) ___ performs the same basic function as a mechanical relay, only it is solid state.
17.The opposition to current flow.
19.The unit of measurement of electrical pressure.
20.___ are devices used to absorb unwanted electrical pulses, such as voltage fluctuations, in a circuit.
21.___ ___ has more than one electrical path.
22.___ ___ is a simple formula for calculating circuit voltage, current, or resistance.
24.The unit of measurement of electrical flow.
26.A (n) ___ ___ is used to quickly check a circuit for power, or voltage.
27.The amount of flow of electrons in a circuit.
1.A (n) __ __ __ __ contains a battery and is used to check for continuity, or a complete electrical path, between two test points.
2.___ ___ states that current flows from negative to positive.
3.Has atoms that allow the flow of electricity.
4.In electronic systems, the components are solid state and do not have ___ parts.
8.A (n) ___ ___ contains microscopic diodes, transistors, resistors, and capacitors in a chip.
10.The force, or electrical pressure, that causes electron flow.
12.Has atoms that resist the flow of electricity.
13.The unit of measurement of electrical resistance.
14.A (n) ___ ___ performs the same function as a fuse but uses a bimetal strip.
16.___ ___ has more than one load connected in a single electrical path.
18.A (n) ___ protects a circuit against damage caused by a short circuit.
23.Negatively charged part of an atom that revolves around the center of the atom.
25.A (n) ___ is an electrically operated switch.

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