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College Success

2                       3
    4         5  
8                 9  
  12   13  
15       16                
  18 19      

2.seize ____ for meaningful work
4.find your way to key _____
6.Join a ___ or an activity
7.one of the few secrets is to read about the world in a way in which you are not accustomed to
8.A student that has a goal and know how to achieve it
10.the type of students that feels that somebody wants and helps them to succeed
14.You Should Not ___
16.Start asking questions in class and speaking up as soon as possible
17.One of the few secrets set is to learn to write clearly and coherently.
19.Adjust your attention ____
20.Take _____ for your own learning
1.What type of studying strategy is it When we attempt it, we do more poorly at all of the individual tasks.
3.Immediately read your ____ for every class
5.the type of students that actively participate in class and extracurricular activities
9.make ___ _______ one friend in each class
11.use the _____ available to you
12.engage your ___
13.Use your ___ effectively
15.Be financially ____
18.seek _____ when you need it

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