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Macbeth Vocab Review

Tao Jiang

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5.A character whose qualities or actions usually serve to emphasize the actions or qualities of the main character, the protagonist, by providinga strong contrast
7.Person or force with whom the hero battles; may also contribute to their downfall
8.The act of drawing a conclusion that is not acutally stated by the author
11.A reference to a person, place, poem, book, event, ect. which is not part of the story that the author expects the reader to recognize.
14.A discrepancy between what is said and what is really meant; sarcasm
16.A verse drama written in unrhymed iambic pentameter (each line contains 5 stressed and 5 unstressed syllables)
17.Tragic resolution
18.A writer's use of hints or clues to suggest what evens will occur later in a work
19.Central idea conveyed by a work of literature
1.A remark that a character makes in an undertone to the audience or another character but that others on stage are not supposed to hear
2.A perception of inconsistency, sometimes humorous, in which significance and understanding of a statement or event is changed by its context
3.A speech that a character makes while alone on stage, to reveal his or her thoughts to the audience
4.Main character who comes to an unhappy ending
6.A play in which the dialogue consists almost entirely of poetry
9.A work in which the main character, or tragic hero, came to an unhappy end
10.a fatal error in judgment, or weakness of character, that leads directly to his or her down fall
12.The audiance or reader knows more about character's situation than the character does andk nows the character's understanding is inncorrect
13.The intrusion of humor interrupting or immediately following a scene of great excitement
15.Written conversation between two ore more people

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