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Animals in Riga architecture

Lilita Rubīne

Animal names in Riga architecture

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1.This cold-blooded animal lives in water and it has fins and scale.
4.This bird can speak.
5.This bird flies at night. It eats small animals.
6.This black and white bird likes shiny things. The Riga Witch turned into this bird to spy on enemies.
8.This small reptile has got a hard shell on its back. It lives on land and eats plants. It can slither. It is quite slow.
10.It is big and strong and has got four legs. It can trot. It eats grass. You can ride it.
12.This big animal has got four legs. It eats grass and gives us milk.
15.This small brown or black animal with a big tail can climb and jump very well. It likes nuts.y well. It likes nuts.
17.It is similar to a wolf. It can bark. It likes eating meat and bones.
19.It’s a brown and yellow insect. It can fly. It can sting. It makes honey.
20.This red brown animal has a pointed nose and a bushy tail. It likes meat. They say it is cunning.
21.This long thin animal has no legs and it can slither and swim. It eats small animals.
22.It is a big strong bird with bog wings.
1.This small animal is green or brown. It can jump. It lives in water and on land. It croaks..
2.It chases mice. It can climb trees It's got sharp claws.
3.It is similar to a horse. It is one of the Bremen Town musicians – the biggest one.
6.This small brown animal climbs trees and eats bananas.
7.This big bird has got long red legs. It likes frogs and small animals.
9.The king of the animals. It’s got big teeth and eats eats meat.
11.You can see it on the top of the Riga churches. It is a farm bird.
13.This is a large light brown bird which eats dead animals..
14.This bird has got a big beak. It likes fish.
16.This small rodent has sharp teeth and a long thin tail. Cats like it.
17.This bird is a symbol of peace
18.This heavy brown animal can stand up. It’s got a lot of hair and it’s dangerous. It eats everything: meat, fish, berries and honey. It sleeps during the winter.

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