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Unit III:1st & 2nd Century Rome/Medieval Era

C. Clair

1 2 3
8                         9
  13 14    
      16 17            

4.Franks, Vandals, Goths moved into the Roman Empire were known as _____people
5.Greek culture influenced the Romans art work, especially these 3-D art forms
6.Few of this art form were undertaken during the middle ages
8.Early medieval civilzation believed in God and the divine world and became a fusion of this
10.A Relic was believed to ______diseases, forgive sins, or perform miracles
11.Besides humans, Greek and Roman art focused on this (2 Words)
12.Few large scale ones were created, but later Charlemagne revived them.
17.An object believed to have belonged to a saint; it might be a remnant of clothing, or even a bone.
18.These were a type of Illumination, part of what Charlemagne discovered from contact with the Byzantine Empire
19.Like Egyptian works, those of higher ________ are according more idealism than those of lower rank.
1.Christians focused on _____ and the divine world
2.Constantinople was the capital of this empire
3.These were the types of jewelry created along with weaponry and harnesses
7.These were when Europeans traveled by foot to see one the churches believed to hold a relic
9.This is another name for the Medieval Era between the fall of Rome and the Renaissance (2 Words)
10.Frankish King in the 800s who united most of western Europe into a “Holy Roman Empire” He was a great patron of the arts
13.These were used as wall and floor decorations made of inserted glass pieces
14.Romans enjoyed jewelry and silver items as well as objects made of this precious metal
15.Besides foreshortening and chiaroscuro, this is a painting method used in Medieval art
16.This was the style of the medieval churches of the middle ages

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