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Supernatural Episode 1.13

by Holliewood Hollie

Words, Names & Phrases from Supernatural Episode 1.13 - Route 666

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4.Mayor's name (first & last)
5.Dean tells Sam to wake him up when it's his turn to what
6.Who was the 3rd person mysteriously killed on the road?
7.Last name of the director of this episode
10.Town where the episode takes place (2 words)
13.What did Dean use to pull the truck out with?
14.State where the episode takes place
15.Where were Sam & Dean planning on going before Dean got a call from an "old friend"?
16.Cassie's dad's best friend, who died the same way he did. (first name only)
17.When Dean suggests that he & Cassie to see each other again she says she is a
19.What did Cassie's Dad sell?
1.What old ghost story does Sam compare the phantom truck to? (2 words)
2.Last name of the family that originally owned the newspaper
3.What road is Dean on when Sam calls him to find out where exactly he is?
8.What does Cassie bring out for Sam and Dean to drink when at her mother's house?
9.What was located in the spot where Dean is told to stop when the truck is following him?
11.The name of Dean's "old friend"
12.What was the first thing Mayor Todd did to the Dorian place after he bought it?
16.Which member of the Dorian family vanished in April of '63
18.Jimmy, Clayton & Martin rolled Cyrus & his truck into what

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