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Chapter 1 terms crossword

Lovepreet Saprai

1 2 3
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4.Outlines the structure and powers of the federal and provincial governments and addresses all issues concerning the Charter. (2 Words)
5.The private law governing the relationships between individuals. (2 Words)
6.The reference for a legal case.
9.The person suing in a civil action.
10.Outlines the requirements for legally binding agreements and remedies if the agreement is breached. (2 Words)
15.Outlines the relationship between private individuals and organizations. (2 Words)
18.In civil law, the person being sued; in criminal law, the person charged with an offence.
21.The laws that outline your rights and obligations in society. (2 Words)
25.Outlines the relationship between citizens and government bodies. (2 Words)
26.The body of public law that defines crimes and punishment. (2 Words)
27.The area of law dealing with damages caused by a person or organization. (2 Words)
28.Controls the relationships between individuals and the state. (2 Words)
29.A system of law based on past legal decisions; also known as case law. (2 Words)
31.The rights of citizens that limit power of governments. (2 Words)
32.A deserved punishment for a wrong.
33.A document that requires a person to be brought to court to determine if he or she is being legally detained. (2 Words)
1.The process of assembling a system of laws into a body of statutes.
2.Labor law governs the relationships between employers and unions; employment law governs the relationship between employers and employees. (4 Words)
3.The fundamental principle that the law applies equally to all persons. (3 Words)
7.Outlines the rights and responsibilities of owning, acquiring, and maintaining property. (2 Words)
8.Referring a case to a higher court to reconsider the lower court’s decision.
11.One of the earliest known sets of written laws, recorded by King Hammurabi of Babylon in 1750 BCE. (3 Words)
12.Authority to do something, such as make laws.
13.A legal decision that serves as an example and authority in subsequent similar cases.
14.A law passed by a legislative body.
16.The process of bringing legislation back under the legal authority of the country to which it applies.
17.The legal processes involved in protecting our rights. (2 Words)
19.The act of making good, restoring, or compensating a person for a wrong that was done to him or her.
20.The procedure to change Canada’s Constitution. (2 Words)
22.The area of law that regulates aspects of family life. (2 Words)
23.A proposed law; a draft form of an act or statute.
24.A political, social, and economic system prevalent in Europe between the ninth and fifteenth centuries. (2 Words)
26.Recorded written decision of judges; also known as common law. (2 Words)
30.Attempt to influence government to benefit a particular group or organization.

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