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Exceptions to the Warrant Requirement

Fashawna Peoples

Chapter 11

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5.the area of land occupied by a dwelling and its yard and outbuildings, actually enclosed or considered as enclosed.
8.are circumstances that require immediate action or are urgent
10.It is any search plain view contraband, Incident to arrest, odor of illegal drugs, canine alert
11.the urgent and direct pursuit of a criminal suspect by law enforcement officers
14.The common-law permitting searches of person of an arrestee as an incident
15.a technical analysis of a biological specimen
16.to permit, approve, or agree; comply or yield often followed by to or an infinitive
17.evidence and contraband found in plain view during a lawful observation
19.when police have a reasonable suspicion to believe that a law has been broken, they may stop a car to investigate
1.plain view, incident to an arrest, motor vehicle, exigent circumstances, there are also: inventory searches, consent, border searches, and the open fields doctrine
2.customs officers are authorized to search all
3.A set of characteristics developed from past encounters with drug dealers and traffickers that may be used to identify persons who are not known to be involved
4.using a preconceived notion of someone based on their skin color or ethnicity to judge whether they might have committed a crime
5.Arrangement in which two or more firms together follow common objectives
6.a quick and limited search of premises, incident to an arrest and conducted to protect the safety of police officers or others
7.An exception to the search warrant requirement, as well as the need to even show any "individualized suspicion
9.Terry stop
12.designed to transport freight by ship, truck or rail
13.any area of the playing field away from the heavily trafficked line of scrimmage, in which the defense is widely scattered
18.TO ESTABLISH PROBABLE CAUSE Minnesota v. Dickerson

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