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The Constitution and Criminal Law

Fashawna Peoples

Chapter 1

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4.A reassessment or re-examination by judges of a decision or proceeding by a lower court or a government department
5.The taking of property, money, cars, stocks, and bonds tha can be traced to criminal activity
6.Used by the government to achieve the ends of legitimate government interest to protect public health, safety, and welfare
7.Protects government interference the fundamental rights and liberties
9.Law decided by precedent
10.A list of basic human rights as guaranteed by the laws of a country
15.Judge-made law based on societal custom and tradition
16.A guiding precept that restrains and limits the power Congress delegates Executive or Judicial branches to carry out government functions
17.Imposition of a sentence in which the amount of time to be served is nullified
1.The fulcrum upon which Congress can leverage its power to make law in areas for which there is no specific grant of constitutional authority
2.Stands for equal treatment under the law
3.Protects citizens from the government depriving them of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law
8.A synopsis that summarizes the major components of a case
11.A local regulation enacted to protect the health and safety of the community
12.An area of the law that illustrates the tention between the federal and state governments
13.A system in which power is shared between one national government and the many states
14.A rule of law established by the first time by a court for a particular type of case and thereafter referred to in deciding similar case

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