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1.When scanned, the _____ codes will easily link the ticket number to the guest's My Disney Experience profile to support pre-planning.
5.For safety reasons, we encourage Guests to carry ____ IDs at all times.
7.There are more than 60 FastPass+ experiencesd available including attractions, special viewing for ____, and character greetings.
8.Each guest can make up to ___FastPasss+ selections at one park for each day they have a valid theme park admission and as of April 28will be able to make an additional FastPass+ selection at an in-park kiosk after they have redeemed their original selections or after the arrival windows for all unredeemed selections have passed.
10.Guests can easily _____ their visits and use the same MagicBands throughout their stay.
12.A ____ ID is also required to purchase certain items such as alcohol and tobacco.
13.Guests who make their guest room reservation at least ___days prior to arrival, will automatically have their first names printed on them.
15.Is the MagicBand waterproof? Yes. It is made of hypoallergenic, non-latex material that is waterproof
16.All international Guests receive their MagicBands at ____ check-in.
18.The My Disney Experience website is currently only available in Englisjh, but it will be available in other ____in the future. Spanish, Portuguese and French will be available later this year.
2.For "touch to pay", the credit card information is associated to each guest's _____Charges made using MagicBands are added to the guest room folios.
3.The MagicBand is not GPS-based and does not continuously collect _____. It uses both short- and long-range readers to deliver the Guest experience.
4.Guests can reset their own PINs via the My Disney Experience website. They also can visit any theme park ___ location or resort front desk for assistance
6.Guests may have names printed on magicbands up to _____characters.
9.. A _____-issued photo ID is required to reset a PIN.
11."Touch to pay" functionality is only available to Guests who have a _____ on file for their Guest rooms or who have incidental charges set up to bill to a Master Account.
12.A_____ ID is needed to replace a lost MagicBand.
14.Currently, everyone staying ad Disney resorts will receive a ________. All other guests can purchasde one at the parks or Downtown Disney if they have a park ticket to attach.
17.All food is free at Disney so meal vouchers are not needed.

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