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Legal Court Room Terms

Sarah Mercado & Stephen Gilmore

Complete the crossword below. There will be a test over the following vocabulary in the near future.

1 2
3     4            
6               7
          10   11
        17       18 19
    20                           21              
        23 24  
27 28         29
30                                       31          
32             33                                  
  34             35                  

4.A county official whose duty is to inquire into the cause of death
5.Parties on opposite sides in a legal dispute
6.A citizen who serves on a jury which decides the outcome of a court case
8.The legal representative of another; an attorney
9.The person being charged with a crime in a criminal case; the person answering accusations of causing another loss in a civil case
12.Knowingly telling a lie in court after having sworn to tell the truth
13.Swears in all witnesses and handles paperwork
14.A lawyer who handles the criminal case on behalf of the state
16.The degree of proof required in a civil case; a slight “tipping of the scales” in favor of one side in the case
20.The determination in a criminal case for the defendant; not enough proof to find the defendant committed to the crime
21.A court order to appear as a witness in a trial
22.When the judge disagrees with an objection made by one of the attorneys in court
25.The questioning of a witness by someone other than the person calling the witness to the stand
26.The person who decides questions of law, including ruling on objections presented by either side during a trial and instructing a jury at the close of a case; the “trier of fact” who listens equally to both sides and sometimes decides the outcome of a court case
30.The attorney representing the defendant
31.When the court case finds the defendant responsible for the plaintiff’s loss or injury in a lawsuit
32.Application in a court case made by a lawyer to obtain a rule in favor of his or her client
33.A statement made by both sides at the beginning of the trial, which gives a brief introduction of what each side intends to prove
34.The examination of a dead body to determine the reason for a person’s The examination of a dead body to determine the reason for a person’s death
35.When as attorney for one side feels the other attorney has violated a rule of evidence
36.Proof presented in court through witness testimony or exhibits
1.A written statement made by a witness that is sworn to be true
2.The degree of certainty required for valid determination of the guilt of a criminal defendant
3.A requirement to prove a disputed face in court
4.An attorney’s last remarks to the jury, offering a summary of the strengths of his or her side by calling the jury’s attention to testimony and persuasive evidence
7.Willful disregard for orders made by the judge
8.Instructions given to the jury by the judge
10.When the two parties to a lawsuit agree to settle their dispute before a decision is reached in court
11.When the judge agrees with an objection that is made by one of the lawyers
15.The person who sues another for loss or injury suffered in a civil case
16.Making good, restoring, or giving something of equal value for a wrong or injury; compensation
17.Trying to show that a witness for the opposition has not been truthful in his or her testimony
18.A serious crime such as murder or rape; a crime for which a person can be sent to a state prison
19.The court official who maintains order in the courtroom, brings the jurors in and out of the jury room, seats the jurors in the jury box, and calls the court to order at the beginning of the proceedings
23.The penalty for committing a crime
24.A court decision that a person is not guilty
27.The court ruling
28.An additional argument given by the plaintiff/prosecution after the defense has presented its closing argument
29.The seat occupied by the judge in court

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