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Capitals of Europe

Mateo Carreno

the crossword doesnt have spaces

1 2           3
    4       5  
7 8       9    
10           11                
    12   13     14 15          
    16                 17
18             19              
20         21   22      
23             24     25  
        26               27
31       32  
35       36   37 38      
42               43          

2.Capital of a country which have popular music like the beatles
4.Capital of Liechtenstein
6.Capital of Lithuania
10.Capital of a country with a Romance language derived from Latin
11.Capital of Macedonia
15.Capital of Czech Republic
16.Capital of Estonia
18.Capital of Turkey
19.Capital of Serbia
20.Capital of a country which have the Pisa tower
22.Capital of Ukraine
23.Capital of Sweden
26.Capital of Slovenia
28.Capital of Netherlands
30.Capital of Denmark
33.Capital of Montenegro
35.Capital of Latvia
39.Capital of Monaco
41.Capital of San Marino
42.Capital of a country which have a simbol of a clover of three leafs
43.Capital of Poland
44.Capital of Bosnia & Herzegovina, it is like Sara
45.Capital of Albania
46.Capital of Moldova
1.Capital of Georgia
2.Capital of Portugal
3.Capital of Belarus
5.Capital of Croatia
6.Capital of Malta
7.Capital of Azerbaijan
8.capital of Austria
9.Capital of a country that have the name of a colombian city
12.Capital of Hungary
13.Capital of Finland
14.Capital of germany, champion of 2010 World Cup
17.Capital of Iceland
21.Capital of Bulgaria, is a name of person
24.Capital of Luxembourg
25.Capital of Romania
27.Capital of Andorra
29.Capital of the Vatican City
31.Capital of the biggest country
32.Capital of Slovakia
34.Capital of the country who have colonized our territory
36.Capital of a country that overcome the trojans in a horse
37.Capital of Belgium
38.Capital of a country that have the score of biggest people suicided
40.Capital of Norway

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