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Advanced First Aid

Joshua Lewis

Chapters 1/16

2 3                
14             15        

3.a substance that affects the central nervous system and speeds up physical and mental activity
5.credentialing at the local level
7.a condition where the heart has stopped generating electrical activity
8.an airway adjunct inserted through the nostril and into the throat to help keep the tongue from obstructing (2 Words)
11.examination performed by feeling part of the body, especially feeling for a pulse
13.a method of moving a patient while keeping the patients body aligned because of a suspected head, neck or spinal injury (2 Words)
14.a condition in which insufficient oxygen reaches the bodys cells
15.having a rapid and severe onset, then quickly subsiding
1.technique for estimating how the body is reacting to injury or illness by checkingthe ability of the capillaries to refill with blood (2 Words)
2.a group of organs and other structures that regulates all body functions (2 Words)
4.a mass of usually clotted or partially clotted blood that forms in soft tissue space or an organ as a result of ruptured blood vessels
5.permission to provide care
6.an acute infectious disease caused by a bacterium that produces a powerful poison
9.a section on the PCR where information about the incident is documented (2 Words)
10.a brain disorder characterized by recurrent seizures
12.an abnormal breath sound

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