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Significant words dealing with explorers.

Brandon 147808

These are 31 words that are significant with explorers.

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5.A map maker.
9.This is a ship that is designed with a very strong hull and powerful engines so that the ship can travel through icy waters.
12.A device that always points north. It is used for navigation.
13.This consists of Europe, Asia, and Africa.
16.A term for floating remnants of a shipwreck.
19.Is to travel around the entire Earth (or around another given object).
20.This is short for global positioning system.
21.The height of an area, measured from sea level.
22.It is the study and the construction of maps.
25.A belt of very still air near the equator that stalled sailing ships.
27.A term for objects that have been thrown overboard in order to lighten a ship when it is in trouble
28.This is a unit of speed used on the water.
29.A type of two- or three-masted sailing ship developed in the 1400s by the Portuguese.
30.Was a pirate from the Caribbean.
1.An imaginary circle around the earth, halfway between the north and south poles.
2.This is the process of plotting or directing the course of a vessel.
3.A piece of land that that projects out into a large body of water.
4.It's a method of navigating by using the stars or other objects in the sky.
6.They are high-pressure areas, located between 30 degrees north and south, in which the wind is light and varied.
7.This is a unit of distance that is used on the water; it is equal to 1.15 miles or one minute (1/60 of a degree) along a line of longitude.
8.A design on a map that shows direction. It points which way is north, south, east, west, and some intermediate directions on the map.
10.A method of navigation that involves calculating one's position by noting one's speed, the speed and direction of the wind, ocean currents, and compass directions.
11.The study of the Earth's surface.
14.A representation of a place. There are many different types
15.They were Spanish conquerors/explorers who sailed to the Americas to obtain gold, silver, and other treasures. They were often brutal and resorted to any means to get what they wanted.
17.This means to approach, sight, or reach land.
18.This is the northernmost place on Earth.
19.It is a very accurate time-keeping device that is used for determining one's longitude at sea.
23.An instrument that was used to determine the altitude of objects (like the sun) in the sky. It was first used around 200 B.C. by astronomers in Greece.
24.The Earth's land masses are divided into 7 large landmasses.
26.A slowly-moving river of snow and ice.

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