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Chapter 33 Vocabulary

Angel Rodriguez

Mr. Hurtado Period 6

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3.Means "conquerors". A group of people that created settlements and took native's wealth. They destroyed the Aztec's tribe.
5.A disease that starts suddenly and spreads quickly, but stays inside a certain area.
7.A nickname that Europeans would use to call the Americas, before Columbus explored them .
8.A poly in which controlled trade manages to gather gold and silver so as to create a stronger and powerful country.
9.The skill/craft of creating maps.
1.From the pretend line from the North Pole to the South Pole, the distance something is, like a place, on Earth. Uses east and west.
2.When you stay inside your house and still create small business. Examples are spinning wool or changing raw material into a finished product.
4.From the equator, the distance something, like a place, is on Earth. Uses north and south.
6.In possesion of another country, a country or a large area.

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