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Final Exam EC


Extra credit for Final Exam

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4.coprighted software that can be used for free
6.signal that tells the operating system that it is ineed of immediate attention
9.process by which great amounts of data are analyzed and investigated. Objective is to spot significant patterns or trends within the data that would otherwise not be obvious (2 Words)
12.steady and constant pace at which a computer goes through machine cycles (2 Words)
14.main pathway of high-speed communications lines over which all Internet traffic flows (2 Words)
17.special diagnostic mode designed for troubleshooting errors that occur during the boot process (2 Words)
21.technology that enables video files to be fed to a browser continuously. Lets users avoid having to download the entire file before viewing (2 Words)
24.thin, round, metallic storage plate stacked onto the hard drive spindle
26.software that enables users to "test" the software by running it for a limited time free of charge
27.technology that permits quicker processing of information by enabling a new set of instructions to start executing before the previous set has finished
29.open source operating system based on UNIX. Because of the stable nature of this operating system, it is often used on Web servers
30.documentation for a software product that is built directly into the software (2 Words)
31.process of restarting the system while its's powered on (2 Words)
32.permanent storage as ROM (2 Words)
1.step by step guide that walks a user through the necessary steps to complete a complicated task
2.small program that performs many of the general housekeeping tasks for the computer, such as system maintenance and file compression (2 Words)
3.computer's temporary stroage space or short-term memory. Located in a set of chips on the system unit's motherboard, and its capacity is measured in MB or GB. (3 Words)
5.computer running a specialied operating system that enables it to host Web pages and provide requested Web pages to clients (2 Words)
7.type of specially coded text that when clicked, enables a user to jump from one location, or Web page, to another within a Web site or to another Web site or to another web site altogether
8.discrepancy between those who have access to the opportunities and knowledge computers and the Internet offer and those who do not (2 Words)
10.time it takes a storage device to locate its stored data (2 Words)
11.means by which people use the Internet to communicate and share information among their immediate friends, and mee and connect with others through common interests, experiences, and friends (2 Words)
13.states that number of transistors on a CPU chip will double every 2 years (2 Words)
15.violating a software license agreement by copying an application onto more computers than the license agreement permits (2 Words)
16.a computer that provides resrouces to other computers on a network
18.device such as a monitor, printer, or keyboard that connects to the sytem unit through a data port
19.utility that regroups related pieces of files on the hard drive, enabling faster retrieval of the data (2 Words)
20.being familiar enough with computers that you understand their capabilities and limitations and know how to use them (2 Words)
22.set of memory chips located on motherboard which stores data and instructions that cannot be changed or erased. it holds all the instructions the computer needs to start up (3 Words)
23.program used by search engines that constanly collects information on the Web, following links in Web sites and reading Web pages.
25.series of instructionsto be followed by a computer to accomplish a task
26.set of computer programs or instructions that tells the computer what to do and enables it to perform different tasks
28.clip of aduio or video content that is broadcast over the Internet using compressed audio or video files in formats such as MP3s

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