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Duchamp and His Fountain

숙어 띄어쓰기 없음

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3.필수적인, 필수로 요구되는
5.반대하여, 맞서서 (They decided to act ______ corruption.)
9.숙어) 하기만 한다면 (__ _____ __ you agree, I let him do what he wants.)
10.풍자/비꼬기 (Duchamp gave a funny _______ to the classic work 'Mona Lisa')
12.의 진가를 인정하다 (Duchamp's works are now _________)
15.모욕 (They saw Fountain as an _______ to art.)
17.삽 (snow ________: 눈치우기용 삽)
18.숙어) 을 놀리다/조롱하다 (Duchamp _____ ____ __ the idea of art.)
21.위원회 (The ________ is/are trying to solve the problem.)
23.받침대, 걸이대, 거치대
24.숙어) 대응하여 (They ignored his opinion, and he sent the protest letter __ _______.)
25.를 높이평가/경배하다 (They _______ his works for their beauty.)
27.의도 (His real ______ was to make people change in their views.)
28.을(..하게/..로) 이끌다 (Fountain _____ people to think differently about art.)
29.철학적인 (The ________ meaning of life)
32.정말로 (This work ______ change the art community.)
38.에 도전하다 (Duchamp _______ their decision.)
41.를 혼란스럽게 하다 (Many people are still _______ by 'Fountain'.)
44.를 강력히 우겨대다/고집하다 (They _____ that Fountain was not art at all.)
45.중요성 (In the case of Fountain as a work of art, its useful _______ disappeared )
46.을 전시.진열하다 (All the works are to be _______ tomorrow.)
47.(하기로) 투표하다 (They _____ not to show Duchamp's work.)
49.을 퍼뜨리다 (I wanted to ______ my idea that art is not only for upper-class.)
50.숙어) 에 대해 곰곰히 생각해보다 (Viewers _______ ___ life's beauty.)
52.=strange, 괴이한/이상한
55.숙어) 어떻게해서든지 (I will make it ___ ____ ____ ___ _________)
56.미학적인,예술적인 (His work is full of _______ beauty.)
57.을 탐구하다 (He wanted to ______ the meaning of art.)
58.숙어) 인근에 있는 (They visited the discount store _____ ___.)
1.콧수염 (I like to grow a ________.)
2.을 제기하다/화두로 언급하다 (Fountain ______ many important questions.)
3.[미술용어] 예술작품(일상의 흔한 물체를 예술적의미를 가진 작품으로 발표한 것)
4.에 ..라 제목/이름 붙이다 (Duchamp _______ this work 'Fountain'.)
6.숙어) 뿐만아니라..도 (He wanted to know more about her __ ____ __ her family.)
7.을 개최하다 (Gatsby really loved to _____ a luxurious party.)
8.공격 (Duchamp's _______ on the idea of art)
13.영향력있는 (Duchamp is one the most ________ figures in the art history.)
19.궁극적으로 (_______, Fountain has a great influence on the world.)
22.허가 (Some copies can be made with the artist's _________)
26.턱수염 (He has no _________.)
30.숙어) 하려는시도로/하기위해서 (He showed Fountain __ __ ______ __ change the idea of art.)
31.환경/배경 (I don't want to show this work in a classroom _______.)
33.를 거절하다 (They ______ Duchamp's work saying that it is a dirty, immoral stuff.)
34.을 발표.제시.소개하다 (He ______ his work as a masterpiece.)
35.을 제출하다 (Don't hesitate to _____ your application form to our admission office.)
36.재능있는 (He was more than a _______ painter.)
37.무조건적인 (Parents give ________ love to their children.)
40.물품창고 (A bathroom/school ______ ______)
42.숙어) 를 지지하는 (Unknown writer sent a letter to the magazine __ ______ __ Duchamp.)
43.활발한 (A ______ discussion)
48.보통의,일상적인,흔한 (Toothbrush, pen, toilet are just _______ things.)
51.숙어) =depend on (Many artists _______ ___ Duchamp's ideas.)
52.물체.객체 (Duchamp gave a new meaning to common _______.)
53.등받침.팔걸이가 없는 의자
54.을 배치하다/두다.놓다 (He _____ it in the museum.)

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