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Vocabulary Review

L Susan Fischer

Review what you have been learning in OCRP.

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5.what you are accused of
8.blame, charge someone
10.you did the crime
14.person accused of a crime
16.help, protect
17.person who enforces the law
18.when you have to pay money as a punishment for breaking the law
23.where a trial is held
25.a meeting in court to see if you can help with your case
27.able to understand court procedures
28.being found not guilty
29.lying in court
30.a more serious crime, a big charge
1.the person who listens to the case in court, makes things go right, and can sentence you if you are guilty
2.people who listen and decide if you are guilty or not guilty
3.person who tells the court what they know about the crime
4.to answer questions in court
6.what a witness says in court
9.person who takes down everything that happens in court
11.person trained to help you or prove you did the crime
12.small crime, not too serious crime
13.the person who keeps order in the court
15.a law to protect you and keep things fair
17.the answer to the charges
19.things taken at the scene of the crime to show what happened
20.the person trying to prove you did it
21.you did not do the crime
22.meeting to see if you did the crime
24.the decision of the jury
26.rule we have to live by

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