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Hornblower Crossword

1 2
      6 7
  9 10              
11             12  
    13 14  
15         16  
17             18                  

3.The rank Captain Hornblower dreams of achieving.
5.Captain Hornblower's retired ship.
8.A type of combat knife used by sailors.
10.The home of Maria and Hornblower.
11.A Sailors favorite sword.
17.Warriors on ships are called ___?
18.The ammunition for cannons aboard ship.
19.Used to get a closer look at the enemy.
20.A type of ship used to transport goods.
1.Used to navigate the sea
2.Captain Hornblower's servant
4.The ranged, hand held weapon of choice.
6.A sailors favorite drink.
7.The name of Captian Hornblower's ship.
9.An armored bunker that is heavily fortified that is used to repel invaders
12.When a ships discharges multiple cannon's from one side it is called a ___?
13.Caution! High Explosives!
14.Used to ferry men to and from the ship.
15.A swampy body of water.
16.The name of admiral Percy's ship.

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